Handmade scone with Estonian-style hummus 7.90€
Breaded Baltic herrings on grilled rye bread with wild mushroom salad 9.90€
Estonian cheese selection from Nõmmiku farm 11.90€
Warm eggplant salad with radishes and teriyaki dressing (V) 11.90€
Plum wine and juniper berry marinated chicken with Chinese cabbage 12.90€
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan, strawberries, and cloudberry jam 13.90€
Beetroot and goat cheese salad with raspberry dressing 13.90€
Selection of Kaerajaan appetizers for two: smoked tongue, cheese, hummus, 16.90€
pickled cucumbers, pickled pumpkin, ribs, pickled Baltic herrings, rye bread crisps

Cold beetroot soup with horseradish 7.90€
Toomas Kha – cheesy spicy chicken soup with mushrooms and tomatoes 8.90€

Creamy chicken pasta with Parmesan and tomatoes 14.90€
Mushroom ravioli with hazelnuts and smoked cheese sauce 15.90€

Kaerajaan beef burger with pickled beetroot, smoked bacon 14.90€
and alder smoked cheese, French fries
Kaerajaan salmon burger with guacamole and roosted sweet potatoes 14.90€
Creamy pesto orzotto on portobello mushroom 14.90€
Town Hall schnitzel with silky potato and pearl barley purée and mushroom sauce 16.90€
Grilled salmon with creamy potatoes, caraway bok choy and saffron sauce 18.90€
Crispy duck breast with farm root vegetables, quinoa and Põltsamaa red wine sauce 21.90€
Sautéed jumbo shrimps with Estonian herbs, garlic, and fresh salad 19.90€
Beef tenderloin with orzotto, grilled tomatoes and cognac pepper sauce 28.90€

Ice cream or sorbet with fresh berries and meringue 5.90€
Estonian dessert – kama cream 5.90€
Homemade apple farmers cheese cake with kama and freezer jam 8.90€
Double chocolate fondant with ice cream 9.90€
Estonian cheese selection from Nõmmiku farm 11.90€