The Legend of Kaerajaan

An Estonian writer, Friedebert Tuglas, has written that the person “Kaerajaan” was named after was a blacksmith of the Lääniste village, Jaan Matson (1858–1921), also known as Kaera-Jaan. He had once been merrily chasing girls in the Ahja Manor, and had been caught red-handed, as usual. Fellow villagers had thereby crafted a teasing song starting with the words “Ai Kaara-Jaan, Kaara-Jaan, ai karga välja kaema” (Hi Kaara-Jaan, hi Kaara-Jaan, get out and take a look). Over the course of time, “Kaera- Jaan” developed into a folk song and a dance kaerajaan. Kaerajaan is danced at nearly every big national and village gathering. It is a merry and prancing dance that also keeps you warm and full of energy in the Estonian chilly weather.

Our restaurant wishes to combine Estonian history and current time -to be modern yet hold high our traditions. As Estonians are considered a singing and dancing nation enjoying a goodnatured banter now and then, this jolly legend gave a name to our restaurant Kaerajaan!


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Modern Estonian Cuisine


Town Hall Square 17, Tallinn


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